Health & safety

Health & safety

Health & Safety

Our proactive approach to health and safety affects our employees, our clients, and the public because we are first and foremost a people-orientated business. 

Our dedicated health and safety manager leads a comprehensive programme, which includes: 

  • a detailed, site-specific safety plan for every project to identify potential hazards and the management steps required to either eliminate, isolate, or minimize the risk
  • tertiary accreditation with ACC for Workplace Safety Management Practices, Site Safe membership, and a 100% grading with SiteWise
  • current Site Safe construction passports for all Trademark staff, and at least one first aider on each site team
  • weekly toolbox talks created in-house to discuss safe practice specific to our industry
  • all site staff undertake a graduated training programme to prove competency in operating our industry appliances and equipment
  • an internal auditing programme of continual self-evaluation and improvements. 

Built to protect

It is the nature of construction that noise, dust and, waste can be significant by-products of our activities.  

At Trademark, we know that it is up to us to protect our planet so that the next generations can enjoy it.  We consider sustainability as part of our legacy, lessening our impact on the environment and creating a future we can all be proud of.   

We use the same analytical processes that we use for health and safety to identify and manage the potential environmental impact of our operations. 


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