Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Justice & Emergency Services Precinct


trademark paving justice christchurch

Project summary

Trademark Paving was contracted to supply and install natural stone paving and architectural landscaping elements at the new Justice & Emergency Services Precinct in the Christchurch city centre. The project surface area exceeded 4,800m² and included a wide range of different stone finishes, dimensions, and specialist installation methods.

The supplied stone features over 90 unique stone shapes and finishes. Given our expertise in complex commercial paving projects, we provided shop drawings to ensure the intricate stone design was manufactured to architectural specifications.

Project features:

  • Over 2,000m² of paving on modified mortar
  • More than 1,300m² of basalt pavers on suspended pedestals 
  • 1,500 lineal meters of stone threads and riser steps on a direct fix adhesive
  • 250 lineal meters of natural stone direct fixed on raised planters and gardens
  • Tiling of natural stone to two water features
  • Placing site concrete
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